Monday, July 28, 2008


This is my latest project. Take three different paper lamps from IKEA and put them in a row. And you have a super hip Zen style lamp.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I found a cool application. It's called "Moodboard" and you can create your own mood boards with it. Unfortunately it's a Dutch magazine page...
But I will try to explain what you have to do to use it.
1. open the link:
2. now enter your email address and tick the check box
3. use the login button
4. now you can use the moodboard
5. select an object categorie
6. from the drop down list choose the objects you like and create your own picture of how you always wanted to live
7. you can increase and decrease the objects with the buttons "groter" and "kleiner"
8. "draaien" means turn
9. "naar achter" means move to the back
10. "verwijder" means delete an object
11. the yellow buttons are for the whole mood board not only for single objects
12. "nieuw" means new
13. "verwijder" means delete the whole moodboard
14. print is self explaining
15. "opslaan" means save
16. now try it out and have fun

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