Thursday, August 26, 2010

A new member to our household

I have been longing for a Stelton vacuum jug for quite some time now. Finally it made it to my home. My husband imported it from Germany on his last business trip (yes he loves me very much). The reason for his special effort was that it was so much cheaper over there compared to Hong Kong. Well at least I thought so. I had only seen it in one shop (a very expensive Interior shop, for those who live in Hong Kong I refer to Lane Crawford, price tag was double of the original price). But now that I can call this beauty my own I found it in another shop in Hong Kong for just a little bit more than in Germany (check out Bals Tokyo in Elements Mall if you are interested).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beads Trivet

It started with this DIY idea by the German magazine BYM:

But I didn't have the time and the different wool for this project.
Then I came across this picture in Emmas Designblog:

And look what result I came up with.



I got the necklace from H&M and transformed it into a beads trivet. I like the light colour better than this dark one. It's so Scandinavian style. But the dark one fits better into our home and besides H&M only had this one...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Laminated Photos - A Kitchen Collage

I made this cute collage out of black and white photos today. It's an eye catcher in my kitchen! I laminated the photos (backed with a layer of thin cardboard paper to give it more stability) and then punched small holes into the corners and assembled the whole thing with key rings. You can get photos laminated in most copy or photo shops and key rings are available in stationary shops. For the punching of the holes I used a standard hole punch for paper. Instead of photos you could laminate your kid's art work. That should make for a wonderful collage too!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fabric heaven - Sham Shui Po

Yesterday I packed my little baby into her sling and we made our way to Sham Shui Po. This is where you can buy everything a fabric lover needs. There are not only shops for fabrics but also for leather, chain shops, zipper shops, button shops, ribbon shops and shops for everything else you can imagine. I bought that pair of scissors shown in the photo from a tiny shop yesterday and the nice shop owner sharpened them before handing them over to me. They cut fantasticly now! And the prices at the shops are incredible! I love to stroll Yu Chau Street and Ki Lung Street. Take exit A2 at Sham Shui Po MTR station and then turn south-east. But maybe you should go on a cooler day because yesterday we could only stay an hour and then we had to cool down again. And in addition my bags became so heavy that I couldn't continue shopping...
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