Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sunday on the beach

Yesterday we went to the beach on Lantau Island. Our little daughter was totally excited about bathing in the waves. She really is a little surfer girl! It felt like being in Bali rather than being in the big city. In the evening wild cattle came down to the beach. It was a very funny sight. They are actually not that wild. They like being patted... So we had it all yesterday, beach, wildlife and barnyard holidays!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Burda Style Patterns

I got started on my Burda Style projects. I have made three tops so far. But the original patterns were not really great. The orange top had a problem with the neckline. It was impossible to get a rounded neckline. So I had to make it straight instead. But then it worked quite well. The other two tops are made from the same pattern which was quite baggy so I have also changed it slightly to make it a bit slimmer. And for the purple top I also added a ruffles like line in the front which turned out quite nicely. But if you consider that those patterns were marked as 'easy and ideal for beginners'...
Here is the link to the Burda Style magazine: You can find patterns for free and also for buying under the PATTERNS section in the directory.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bottle/Cupholder for stroller

I have looked for cupholders for my stroller for quite a while now but without success. So finally I decided to make one. Especially now that I found this great PVC coated fabric at IKEA. Here is the pattern if you want to make one too.
Print the two patternpieces on A4 paper, cut them out and stick them together at the numbers using sticky tape. Then cut the pattern 4 times from fabric. Sew 2 pieces together (inside facing out) leaving a gap open. Turn them so that the coated side is facing outside. Do the same with the other two pieces. Now you can sew the two douple layered pieces together (see pictures above). Add velcro or a snap in order to fix it to the stroller.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Keychains or Toysaver

I just made these simple keychains/toysavers from ribbon and clips. Just sew the ends of the ribbon together so it gives a loop and then move the seam in the middle of the loop and stitch both layers of ribbon together and decorate the seam with whatever you have e.g. cute buttons, crochet flowers, sew-ons etc... Then sling one end around the key ring or toy and pull the other end through the hole at the end of the loop. The end with the clip can be used for fixing it to the stroller or whereever you want to make it stay.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This little project was inspired by Lotta Jansdotter. These soft handmade letters can be found in her book 'Simple sewing for Baby'. You can make whatever words you like. Use whatever fabric you like. They are not only great toys for babies and toddlers but also make great deco objects. You can also vary the size of the letters or choose different fabric for each letter. The options are endless... Just let your creativity flow!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pimp up my shirt

I have just added some simple decoration to plain T-shirts and dresses. It's a very simple project. Just cut some flowers, animals or other interesting patterns out of fabric (my fabrics were purchased from IKEA). And then use some interfacing or very lightweight fabric as backing from the inside of the shirt and stitch (applique) the deco to the shirt. Done! Takes about 15 min and gives really great results...
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