Friday, July 15, 2011

Burda Style Patterns

I got started on my Burda Style projects. I have made three tops so far. But the original patterns were not really great. The orange top had a problem with the neckline. It was impossible to get a rounded neckline. So I had to make it straight instead. But then it worked quite well. The other two tops are made from the same pattern which was quite baggy so I have also changed it slightly to make it a bit slimmer. And for the purple top I also added a ruffles like line in the front which turned out quite nicely. But if you consider that those patterns were marked as 'easy and ideal for beginners'...
Here is the link to the Burda Style magazine: You can find patterns for free and also for buying under the PATTERNS section in the directory.

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Anonymous said...

ich mag auch so eins mit den blumen haben :o)

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