Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We are back!

We are back from our trip to Germany. And slowly slowly we are getting back on track. Jet-lag... with three little monsters, no fun! Well, our daughter was fine, no complaints here (somehow girls are always fine...). But the boys were awake from 2-4 am the first night, then 12 pm -2 am the second night and the third night was a bit mixed. And all the sleep training we had done before is completely forgotten. In addition to the jet-lag trouble one of them is teething and is waking up every 1.5 h for three nights in a row now. I am exhausted and I have sworn not to go on a trip again if the boys are not finally sleeping through the night!
But now to the trip itself. It was lots of fun with nice fresh air, warm weather and lots of nature. The grandparents really enjoyed the time with the kids, too. The flight itself was also really OK, not much trouble. And my mom cooked almost all the meals and the kids really liked it. We found out that the boys love meatballs (our daughter hates the texture of minced meat, funny isn't it?). The bread was yum, the supermarkets great and I had a few too many glasses of wine with my parents...
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