Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sewing project of the month (March): Kimono Clutch

I have checked the prices at Melaine (a shop in Hong Kong) over and over again but 200 Euro are far more than I want to spent for this vintage Kimono clutch. Plus I have two obis in my wardrobe which I could use to make it. So this year I had to sew one!

So the project for March is this red Kimono clutch:

I simply made it out of three rectangular pieces of Kimono fabric (I used the whole width of an obi). The two outer pieces got interfacing as backing and the middle piece was turned into a zipper pocket with bias tape used for the hems. I used a very narrow zig-zag stitch to close the left and right seam of the outer and inner pocket as it already had a nice clean edge because it was an obi. The upper seams were closed before that step using a normal straight stitch. At last I assembled the whole clutch and stitched the side seams together using a straight stitch. I am still considering whether I should use a button or similar to properly close it but it also falls nicely in place after I have treated it with my steamer. So maybe I just leave it as simple as it its.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

IKEA spring 2012

The new IKEA spring 2012 collection is out! At least in my daughter's wardrobe. I made these two little dresses from IKEA fabric and used the Lotta Jansdotter pattern for the dress.

It's funny but my daughter was immediately in love with the dresses. Kids seem to have a preference for bold patterns and colours!

Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY: T-Shirt beautification

Here come a few ideas how to beautify simple tees. Add some fabric applique or use your sewing machine to embroider some funny animals. Or simply sew some crochet flowers or butterflies onto them. The neckholder top is made from a triangle scarf and a hairband both purchased from H&M.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Super simple sewing with Lotta

I made these four pairs of simple pants for the twins. The pattern is from the Lotta Jansdotter book 'Simple Sewing for Baby':

They are a bit on the large side so they fit my daughter too. But for her they are 3/4 pants. So I extended the legs and added a jersey waistband and I also changed the finish of the waistband. And now we have super stylish pants for her too:

She was so proud she didn't want to take them off anymore...

Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY: Cloud blanket

Since I couldn't find cloud fabric anywhere in Hong Kong I came up with the idea to print my own. So the first step was to make a stamp. I used the back side of an old stamp and a foam craft sheet. I cut the cloud out of the foam sheet and glued it to the piece of wood. And the stamp was ready.

I used white fabric paint for the printing. The blanket was bought from a baby shop. And so I have a cloud blanket now!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY cloud rug for the nursery

Inspired by cloud prints and cloud mobiles I wanted to have some clouds in my boys' nursery too. So I looked everywhere but couldn't really find what I was looking for and wouldn't cost me a bomb. So in the end I came up with the idea to make my own cloud rug. I used a bathmat from IKEA and cut it into a cloud shape. Then I cut bias tape from some leftover fabric (4 cm wide including seam allowance). I finished the hem with the bias tape and you can see the result above.

Here is a collage of my nursery corner in our bedroom:

I also made the mobile wall hanging in cloud shape. Maybe I will add a little birdie too...
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