Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday treats

Today's my hubby's birthday. And he loves muffins! So I made a muffin parade instead of the usual birthday cake. And on top he received a very special birthday card - a little deer in the forest made of a cookie jar from IKEA, some green and black gum candies and of course the little fellow itself. Well, hubby had a big smile on his face this morning...

Orange Muffins (makes 6):
75 g Flour
1 Tsp Baking Soda
Pinch of salt
1 Egg
40 g Butter
40 g Sugar
30 g Sour cream
30 g Chopped almonds
2 Oranges, peeled and chopped into medium size pieces
6 Paper muffin cups

Mix the flour with the baking soda and the salt. Stirr the egg with the butter. Add the sugar and the sour cream. Now stirr in the flour mixture. It should give a nice pasty dough. To finish off mix in the oranges and the almonds and fill the dough into the paper baking cups (put the cups into a muffin tin or six small baking tins first). Bake for 20 min at 180 degress until golden brown.

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