Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Deco - 1. Feltbunnies

This week is all about Easter projects. With two weeks left to go your Easter decoration will be smoothly ready in time if you start now. The first project are these cute Easter bunnies made from felt. Take the last image for the pattern (enlarge to at least A5 size) and cut it four times from felt. Then cut a little heart from a different coloured felt square. Sew two pieces together along the straight line. Unfold and stitch the heart onto it. Then sew the other two pieces together in the same way. To finish off put both new pieces together and stitch around the edges. Leave a little gap at the bottom so you can shove a little branch (or chop stick) into it. You could also sew a small piece of ribbon or thread onto the top so that it can be hung.

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