Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little friends - Owl cushion

I am a little owl and I watch over little baby while she is sleeping...

For this little cushion you need white cotton fabric, red fabric paint, a plastic sleeve, white and red thread and a cheap cushion (IKEA) for the filling.
1) Wash and iron the fabric.
2) Paint the owl onto the plastic sleeve.
3) Cover the painting with the fabric and press it firmly onto it. This will copy the pattern over onto the fabric.
4) Cut the fabric but leave 1 cm around the edges for sewing. Cut a second piece from the unpainted fabric.
5) Stitch the painting with the red thread. Use different stitches for different areas.
6) Change to white thread.
7) Put the two pieces together (back side out) and stitch along the edges. Leave a short gap open at the bottom.
8) Cut the edges again and then turn the inside out.
9) Fill the owl cushion with the filling from the cheap cushion.
10) Close the little hole at the bottom.

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