Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting prepared for the baby - 4. Out and about

Here comes my travel system. I have chosen a three wheeler as I think it will be more maneuvarable. Plus I just find it more stylish. The good think about this one is that you can change between the car seat, the pram and the stroller just with an easy click and go mechanism. Unfortunately the colour was a bit limited in Hong Kong. The strawberry red is great but the black and grey was not really my favourite. So I try to spice it up with a few colourful accessories. The travel change mat was a cool find on one of my shopping trips. I love the pattern! And I hope it's gonna be as handy as it looks. Last not least I have bought a baby carrier for the first few weeks. Hong Kong is not really stroller friendly so I think I will use the carrier probably quite often. Since I have a strong back that should not be a problem.

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