Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scarf ideas

These are two ideas for transforming an unused scarf into something else.
One is a very simple scarf top. It takes no longer than half an hour. You need a square shaped scarf for this one. Just fold a triangle of one of its corners as shown in the photo and stitch it. Make a little tunnel seam at the top of it. Use a nice ribbon and thread it through the tunnel. That's all. Use two corners to close the new neckholder top in the back.
For the scarf dress you need a rectangular shaped scarf. Cut it into half. Then cut four pieces of elastic braid so that they fit comfortably around your upper bust. They shouldn't be too loose though as they will hold the dress in place. Then cut these four pieces into half too. Use your zig-zag stitch to fix them to the scarf parts about five cm apart from each other. You need to pull the elastic braid while sewing as it should ideally be only half of the length as the scarf part. Otherwise your lower body might not fit into the dress. By this you should get two scarf pieces with each four elastic braids sewn to it as can be seen in the photo. Now close the side seams making sure that the elastic braid lies on top of each other. Then you need to do the top seam. The bottom seam should still be available as it was not cut. If not fix it too. Then stitch a straight seam exactly through the middle of the front part as long as the part with the elastic braids. Pull one of the threads so that you get nice ruffles. Finish off by fixing a beautiful ribbon in the middle of the front part. Leave enough ribbon at the ends so that you will get a neckholder. Done!
For me the two pieces work as a maternity wear but the good thing is you can also wear them when not pregnant.

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