Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crochet baby jacket

Another project for my little one. I saw a similar jacket at H&M but they didn't have small sizes. So I took some leftover wool and made one on my own. It's made of two rectangular pieces for the arms, one rectangular piece for the back with a neckline built-in and two rectangular pieces for the front, also with a V-neckline. I used one of the jackets I had bought her as pattern for the right size. At first it looked a bit like a Japanese Kimono. But then I also crocheted a cord so that it got a bit more shape. The crochet pattern is three double crochets in one chain then leave one space and put three double crochets into the next chain again and so forth. You start the row with one double crochet, then leave one space and then start with the three double crochets in one chain. Finish the row off with three double crochets in one chain, one space and one double crochet at the end. I am always a bit experimental when crocheting so I didn't note down the number of chains for each piece. But it depends on the yarn thickness anyway so telling you a number would probably not help.

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