Thursday, September 9, 2010

What do a dress, tea towels and a baby sling have in common?

They were all made of the same fabric. Grey linen to be exact.

For the babysling I followed the instructions given by CraZeeCrafteeZ on Flickr:
It's very simple to make and you can find instructions for the tying methods on the Didymos site: methods

The tea towels are just rectangular pieces of fabric, take an old tea towel for the right size and then add 2 cm seam allowance. I used fabric markers for the little hen pattern.

For the baby dress you can use the following pattern (print it on A4 size, makes a size 68):

Start with the upper front pieces. Turn the fabric inside out (the upper front pieces will consist of a double layer of fabric) and close the top seam. Then turn it back to the right side again. Stitch the top and middle seam small along the edges. Use the zick zack stitch for the bottom and side. Unfold the front bottom piece and use the zick zack stitch for the top and the sides. Stitch the upper pieces to the bottom piece. The wider upper piece should come underneath the narrower one. Now unfold the back piece and zick zack the sides. Make the top seam by folding 1 cm down and then folding it another time, stitch it small around the edges. Now use the rectangular fabric pieces (bias tape) and stitch them to the armholes so that the middle part will form small straps. Fold 1 cm inside at both sides and then fold it in the middle and stitch it small around the edges. Pin the front and the back piece together at the sides and close the seams. Close the bottom seam of the dress by folding 1 cm inside and then folding it another time. Stitch it again small around the edges. Make two little button holes in the front and sew two small buttons to it. Pin the bunny to the front of the dress and applique it using a small and narrow zick zack stitch. Done.

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