Friday, October 8, 2010

Super simple pants for baby

I have made a pair of new pants for my little daughter. The style is similar to the one in Lotta Jansdotter's book 'Simple Sewing for Baby'. But her pants were too large for my 5 months old daughter so I adapted the pattern according to one of her pants. The fabric was a piece of bedlinen from IKEA. I love those dots!

My baby seems to be really comfy in them and she looks so cute when she wears them. Plus they are the right choice for late summer (we still have 25 degrees here in Hong Kong) as the fabric is light and breathable.
Here is the how to for the pattern. You might need to adapt the length a bit. The best will be to check with some existing pants. All seam allowances are included. Cut the pattern twice from fabric. The top of the pants has a 3 cm wide foldover (final width of seam will be 1.5 cm). Use elastic for the waistband. Adjust the lenght of the elastic according to one of your baby's existing pants. The leg seam should have a final width of 1 cm.

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ellen@hk said...

Actually the size range is a bit larger than 3-9 months. My daughter still perfectly fits into them and she is already 13 months by now. So maybe 3-18 months would be more precise.

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