Thursday, December 1, 2011

1. door: Drying orange slices for deco

Today is 1. December! So it's time for a Christmas countdown. Over the next 24 days I will post little deco surprises for you.

Today's little surprise is a very simple DIY project for your Christmas decorations. Cut one or two oranges into thin slices and spread them onto a sheet of baking paper. Let them dry over night and then turn onto the other side. In the evening turn them back again and continue with that procedure over the next few days until the orange slices are completely dry. They turn out best in a warm and dry environment, so put them close to the heating e.g. on the window sill. You can of course also use thread and hang them on a rope for drying. I love how bright the colours remain if you dry them by yourself. Shops mostly provide darker ones.

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