Friday, December 9, 2011

9. door: Pistachio Cranberry Caramel Chocolate Pralinees

A very nice and easy recipe for home made pralinees.

For the caramel:
100 g granulated sugar
50 ml water

100 g pistachios
50 g cranberries
200 g chocolate (milk, white or dark as to your taste)

Make the caramel by cooking the sugar/water solution until it turns brown. Then stirr in the peeled pistacchios (I used salted ones for a special taste) and let cool down. Spread the pistacchios on a baking sheet and sprinkle cranberries on top. Then melt the chocolate in a water batch and cover the pistachio/cranberry mixture with the chocolate. Let the mixture cool down at room temperature and afterwards put it in the fridge (covered with a layer of cling wrap). Break into pieces and fill into nice little bags if you want to give them away.

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