Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why DIY?

Have you ever asked yourself why you like DIY? If you like it that is...
I came across this question lately after reading this book:

Is DIY the new political movement? For my part I just like the feeling of holding my finished project in my hands. It such a joy. And if something turns out really good then I get into a happy mood whenever I use it. It makes me feel proud. Sometimes I make stuff myself because I don't want to spend lots of money but I still want nice stuff. And when you make stuff yourself it's all in your hands how high the quality of the end produce will be. O.K. some stuff can't be made properly without the right machines. So you need to compromise sometimes. But the most important part is that it should be fun! As soon as you have to make stuff out of a need it loses the magic.

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Anonymous said...

hi *hug*,

maybe this is something for you too:

i just found it and i like them. will sew them for next christmas once i have time.


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