Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holidaying with three young children (again)

We did it again! Yes we went on a trip with the whole lot. But this time we took our babysitter with us so that we could enjoy a few hours of peace every day. That might sound a bit over the edge but it was worth it. Three grown ups on three small beasties that's an OK ratio. The big sister on her own is easy to take care of (most of the times). But you can't count on that anylonger once the twins are also around because then she can suddenly become very stubborn and might kick or push her brothers. That's family life. They love and they hate each other... and all of those feelings can pass by within less than a minute. But luckily this didn't happen because there was always someone around each little one. I don't know how people without babysitter handle life with twins plus one. I guess the grannies have to do their share. But there is one big advantage when it comes to the babysitter. There are no discussions she simply does her job and in addition she even enjoyed the trip! We still had a few stressful nights because the boys first had a nasty cold/flu and once recovered started teething...  but overall I would say we had a nice trip. It always feels good to see something different. And then coming home everybody is happy to play with their toys for hours because they haven't seen them for a while.

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