Thursday, April 18, 2013

Surprise, surprise


I love surprises! But only the nice ones of course. And what about surprises that come delivered to your house once per month! Yeah, want that.

Ever heard of ALMONDELLA or CITRUSLANE ? Almondella ships for free within Europe and Citruslane within the US (no shipping fee either). You can select your plan, just one box to test it out or boxes over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. The box content is customised to your baby's needs. And you can skip boxes if you don't like them.

So here was I living in Hong Kong and longing for those cool boxes but no shipping to Hong Kong, sorry la...

But, tatata, a clever business person came up with the same idea. So you can get your baby box in Hong Kong, too. It's called PEEKABOX . They only do clothes though. But that's a nice thing, too. So my boys will receive a monthly box according to their age and my taste (you can choose from several options). I will test it for three months and then see if I like it. Unfortunately all those boxes cover only age 0-3 years. So my daughter is out of the game...

I am already so excited. Can't wait to hold my first surprise box in my hands.

Oh and I think it makes for a great gift, too.

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