Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY: Cardboard doll house

This simple doll house is made of two pieces of A4 size thick cardboard. I simply cut off the corners for the roof and then added a slit as wide as the cardboard is thick (approx 2-3 mm) and as long as half  of the entire height. The first slit goes from roof to the middle on the first cardboard piece. The second slit goes from the bottom to the middle of the second cardboard piece. Decorate the pieces with wallpaper or wrapping paper, stickers, paint whatever you like... Then you only need to put the two pieces together in a 90 degree angle. Make sure that the slit is not too wide because then the two pieces won't stay in place properly. We use our new little house together with the LEGO DUPLO blocks but the options are endless: doll house, circus, garage, zoo, barn yard, coffee shop...

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