Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday girl

Last week was my birthday. We had a relaxed day with tiramisu cupcakes which my daughter helped to prepare. Later on we went to the Hong Kong Museum of Arts and had a look at a modern art exhibition. The boys stayed at home so I had a really nice day just with my little princess. And in the evening she told me the best thing of the day (a bedtime routine) was the art work. I was really surprised. It was a nice rainy day as you can see from the last picture. It didn't rain that much and at least it was not as hot as usually at this time of the year. At the moment it's a seven weeks summer break for the kindergarten. So I spend a lot of time with the kids. It's fun, stressful at times but I think it does a lot to bring us together as a family. Especially the kids are enjoying each other's company a lot. Instead of fighting there are a lot more hugs and smiles and giggles. And it occured to me that it's quite cool to have three kids. Well, at least sometimes...

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