Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY: Simple leather tote

Here comes my new yellow leather tote. I made it for my birthday. A gift to myself so to say... It's very simple. Just eight rectangles (20 cm x 23 cm) that are put together to make the front and the back. Then you need two more rectangles (10 cm  x height of the bag) for the sides plus one rectangle (10 cm x width of the bag) for the bottom. The handles are made of another two rectangles (8 cm x 80 cm).
You start with the front and the back. Start sewing two pieces together and repeat this until all pieces are used up. Then put two of the new pieces together for the front and the same for the back. The seams show to the outside. Then sew the sides to the bottom piece (seams go inside this time). Now sew the new sides to the front (seams on the inside). Do the same with the back. Now you need to work on the handles. Fold them over and sew along the edge leaving 10 cm open on both sides. Open the ends of the handles and put them flat against the inside of the bag. Fix the handles with a horizontal seam. Voila that's it. Enjoy your new masterpiece!

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