Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY: A Marimekko inspired doll house

For Christmas I made a doll house for my daughter. I used a book shelf and decorated it with Marimekko paper to arrange different rooms. I bought the kitchen, the bathroom, the baby room and the dolls from Lundby. The bedroom interior is from Muji (cosmetic storage). And the bedlinen made by myself from Marimekko fabric (I love their bold patterns). I also used several mini designer chairs (you can get them at the Page One book shop here in Hong Kong). Last not least I have sewn a leather sofa and created a table out of a piece of wooden flooring sample and clothes pegs. Coasters are serving as rugs. My daughter loves it! But I guess the mini design chairs have to be replaced soon as they are a little bit too delicate.

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