Friday, December 28, 2012

Ragna's new room

We just did a makeover of Ragna's room. We had to rearrange because the boys are sleeping in the bigger bedroom together with me. So Ragna had to move into the small bedroom which I had in mind for the boys in the beginning. But since the boys are still waking up frequently that plan went out of the window. So now the colour scheme is mainly blue. She also moved out of her cot (the boys needed it and we wanted her to have a real one). At the moment she is sleeping on a mattress on the floor so that she won't hurt herself in case she falls out of bed (which already happened). But we are thinking of getting her the MINNEN bed from IKEA in black. I made the pompom garland and the beanbag. I also transformed the former change table into a clothes rack plus shelves using a branch as rod. Most of the other furniture is from IKEA. I like it for their reasonable, functional and fresh design. It's a bit like H&M. Get the basics from there and then add a bit of your own style, handmade plus a few nice design items.

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