Friday, August 9, 2013

DIY: Car playmat to go

I made this car playmat from two no longer used fabric napkins and a few other fabric scraps. First step was to sew the two napkins together. Therefore I cut the seam on one side of both napkins and sew the two napkins together. The new seam is covered with black ribbon (or bias tape). Then I cut decorations from the fabric scraps. Flowers, birds, dragon flies, clouds and little houses. I spread them over the playmat and appliqued them with a zig-zag stitch. Then I added a little 'garage' for the toy cars and some wooden play signs. It was made from a rectangular piece of fabric. The open side has a bias tape hem. I fixed the rectangle on the sides and divided it with seams to form four little pockets. Last came the streets. I painted them with fabric paint and fabric markers. And afterwards I stitched the outlines with black thread. Add three cars and a few signs for playing and then roll and fold the mat and put it in a small drawstring bag. Now you are ready to go and play!

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