Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY Needlefelting: Make a Bambi

Hello! I am Bambi. I am made of 100 % wool. The other ingredients you'll need are a felting needle and a sponge. Shape the body with the wool (roll it in your hands to form woolen balls for the body and the head, make sausages for the legs) and then start punching the felting needle into the wool (put the sponge underneath so that you won't punch holes into your desk). Now see how the felt starts to form. You'll have to punch for quite a while though... You'll need a good amount of felting (sheep) wool to make a nice dense structure so that the bambi can stand on it's own feet. Once the bambi is more or less ready you can use hot water and soap to continue the felting process. Rub the soap into the body and start rolling and squeezing the bambi. The felt will get more dense like that. Once you are satisfied with the result use warm water to rinse thoroughly. Embroider eyes, nose and mouth and have a contented look at your work!

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